Emily Santangelo Curates Vertical Repose : "New Angle of Repose" ~ A Review by Timothy Herrick

A review by Timothy Herrick on his blog, Dislocations, of Vertical Repose at Panepinto Galleries

"Repose – rest, tranquility, composure, peace of mind. Modified by Vertical, indicates a lengthwise angle, which seems almost like oxymoron, or at the very least, a more active repose. Vertical Repose was a collection of abstract paintings and sculpture that tended towards length rather than width. The work was compelling and moody, appropriate for lobbies or similar spaces, which is not a criticism. I wonder if vertical also worked as a tip off for interior decorators as art that potentially inhabit a specific shape of area or dimension.

The showroom was a large, sparse space and there was a palatable vibe of a total absence of clutter. The walls were far apart, some sculpture –metal and abstract were also featured – and a pillar or two, but they did little to disperse the emptiness. This enhanced the Vertical Repose experience. Abstract art does not dictateinterpretation and defies intellectualization. How you feel is more up to you, because all the references are internal, as opposed to more realistic depictions that rely on less subtle recognition to convey the thoughts and feelings expressed. The atmosphere in this gallery space (371 Warren Street/4th Floor) encouraged one to fill in the blanks, examine their own experience of the art displayed. It was clean and airy. Perhaps because of this physical ambiance so conducive to seeing art, as well as the shared expressionistic mode in the selected work, I felt more affected by the culmination of the collection than by any individual piece exhibited." ~ Timothy Herrick

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