"An Evening with Andrea Belag".....Eli Broad comments

Thank you all for attending the very "private" viewing of the paintings and studio of renowned artist, Andrea Belag. It was wonderful to see all of you and were happy that you extended the invite to your personal friends.

Andrea and I are so grateful for your support and enthusiasm of her work. Remind yourself, now and again, of Eli Broad's comments to Otis School of Art & Design, ".....civilizations are not remembered

by their business leaders...but by their artists." Aside from being the billionaire businessman that he is, Eli Broad, is a philanthropist and major collector of contemporary art by American artists.

He is a visionary and embodies the persona of ......."the unreasonable man."

If you would like to view his complete speech at Otis....go to YouTube.com and put in search "Eli Broad Otis."

Hope to see all of you throughout the summer.

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